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Nobody likes to have an annoying pest around. It doesn’t matter what it is; it could be ants, spiders, wasps, hornets, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and larger varmints. They can sometimes be more than an annoyance; they can also cause harm and carry disease.

Most of the time, you can avoid an invasion from these annoying critters. Like any living creature, pests need three things – food, water, and shelter. Eliminate these and you most likely will avoid an invasion. 

We have compiled a list of useful tips to see if you need to take action to avoid a problem in and around your residence.

  • It is a good practice to restrict eating to kitchen and dining areas but wherever it occurs, it is important to keep all areas clean where you consume or drop food. Talk to everyone in your residence about the importance of keeping food cleaned up. They should also avoid walking while consuming food. 
  • Keep floors clean throughout the house. Sticky floors with residue are a great attraction for pests. Vacuum regularly and wet mop when warranted.
  • Keep dishes rinsed and/or washed, even in the dishwasher. Run your dishwasher regularly. Many pests, like ants, will be attracted to leftover food, particularly if this is an ongoing habit in your home.
  • Keep countertops, cooking appliances, garbage disposals, and drains clean and deodorized as well. 
  • Pet dishes are a big attraction for pests. Clean all containers and where they are kept regularly. If possible, keep them outside of your residence and away from entry doors.
  • Store food properly, keeping containers sealed and all residue wiped off containers. If it is something that is particularly attractive to pests, keep it in the refrigerator if possible.
  • Watch fruits and vegetables carefully if you store them outside of your refrigerator. Ripening items can attract bugs, particularly ants and fruit flies.
  • Take out garbage regularly. Spoiling items inside the home are a definite problem; this will also help reduce the odor in your residence.
  • Keep all outside garbage receptacles as clean as possible and put them out for regular pickup. When empty, rinse out any food debris. 
  • During the warmer months, it is sometimes better to keep leftover food wrapped securely in the refrigerator or freezer until trash day to avoid problems with rotting garbage, which only invite unwanted pests or predators.
  • Avoid standing water in and around your residence. Stagnating water can attract dangerous mosquitoes, causing severe illness. Do not leave water standing in sinks and bathtubs. Clean up puddles inside and outside the residence as soon as possible.
  • Don’t give unwanted pests a home – clean up clutter, boxes, and debris; do not store wood inside your home or garage.
  • Keep areas inside and outside your home dry – moisture only attracts problems.
  • Clean up debris or fallen leaves around the exterior of your home.

As your property manager, we want you to have a positive experience in your residence. Therefore, it is important to remember to report maintenance problems. Certain maintenance items can lead to increased pests, such as ripped or missing screens, missing caulk, cracked baseboards, and more. Always call if you experience leaking faucets, toilets, dishwashers, sprinklers, etc. Remember, we cannot help you with this unless you let us know.

Follows these tips and they will assist you in reducing problems with pests.

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