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Selling a Property with a Tenant

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Property owners face a tricky situation when they want to sell a property but still maintain rental income. No one likes losing rent but keeping a tenant in the property while the property is for sale requires careful consideratio... read more >>

Rental Property Open House Ideas

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Regardless of a potential tenant’s budget, commute, desired amenities, children, pets and more, there are always going to be plenty of opportunities to rent a place.  As an owner of a residential rental property, it is ... read more >>

The Untimely Notice

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Why is the tenant giving notice now! This may be your first reaction if you receive a notice to vacate from a tenant with a holiday season approaching. The first thought is that no one will rent a property in November, much less D... read more >>

Working with the Market

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As they say - all things change. The rental market swings up and down depending on the current economy, interest rates and the sales market. Different markets can lead to more properties on the market for rent. If there are more v... read more >>

Advertising - Beware

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You may think advertising is a simple issue. Just put together a few descriptive words and place an ad in a newspaper, on a bulletin board, or on the Internet. However, advertising becomes complicated when it leads to a case for d... read more >>