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Rental Property Open House Ideas

Rental Property Open House Ideas

Regardless of a potential tenant’s budget, commute, desired amenities, children, pets and more, there are always going to be plenty of opportunities to rent a place.  As an owner of a residential rental property, it is critical to make that property stand out from the rest.  The more time an investment property sits vacant, the more of a loss for the owner.

Of course, COVID throws a wrench into everything, but below are a few ideas to help make an open house more memorable. These ideas could also potentially get more applicants. With the ongoing pandemic, be sure to check with a property management company or personally check local guidelines if managing as the owner to see what is and is not allowed for an open house at any given time. If open houses are allowed, it would be a good idea to have extra disposable masks and hand sanitizer during this ongoing health crisis.

Projector Screen Set Up

If it’s within budget or the owner already has a projector, consider setting one up in the common area. Create a loop with pictures and videos of the home and the surrounding area. This will help visitors remember the open house more vividly than others they may check out.

Sometimes the home itself is not going to win over somebody’s heart but seeing how great the location is could sway them in the end. Note how close grocery stores, schools and restaurants are. Perhaps show a few epic photos or aerial videos of nearby beautiful cityscapes, beaches, or parks. 

Complimentary Snacks & Drinks

This is one what may need to be nixed for now due to COVID but having a layout of free snacks and drinks for visitors will encourage them to stay longer. These complimentary items could also help visitors subconsciously develop positive feelings for the home.

For now, if offering snacks and drinks, it may be best to give individually packaged items to avoid contamination between the multiple parties that will visit throughout the day. Also, encourage guests to consume their items either outside or after they leave the open house. This will make everybody more likely to keep their masks on while inside the home.

Games for Kids

This one likely only applies to a home with several bedrooms but will sit well with the parents and could be the difference when making a final decision on where to move to. It is always a good idea to cater to the young kids with games. Not only because the parents will appreciate it, but it will also give the parents more time to concentrate on the home and engage with the owner or owner’s representative, rather than constantly being distracted by the children.

One of the best game ideas for kids is a scavenger hunt. Give each child a list of items to find throughout the property. Pictures of the items or riddles are a nice touch to accompany these lists. Be sure each item for the kids to find is in a safe area. In example, stay away from the front yard and appliances. It is important to get consent from the parents before letting the kids in on a game.

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