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Education Makes A Difference

Education Makes A Difference

Property Management is an ever-changing business and to make it a successful venture, ongoing education is a requirement. Knowledge is the key to creative marketing, working with tenants, providing the right documentation, understanding landlord/tenant law, keeping up with new technology, marketing, and more.

Who Needs Education? 

The answer is everyone. Applicants for vacancies need to understand the rental process. Tenants not only need to know how and where to pay their rent on time, but also how to care for their residence and what laws to follow. Property owners must be aware of what laws are required while owning residential property and how to avoid litigation. Even tradesmen need necessary instructions to avoid causing unnecessary landlord/tenant complications. Above all, Property Managers must have the education to provide competent management service to their clientele, whether they are property owners, tenants, applicants, vendors, or the public at large.

As a foundation, the state requires licensing and continuing education to be a property manager. Still, just obtaining a license is not enough; it is vital to seek additional sources of education in the residential housing field on an ongoing basis – to stay informed. This means taking the time to join professional associations, take classes, workshops, and seminars, as well as attend various conferences and trade shows. Although this time may take us away from the daily office routine, it has a definite impact on how effectively we manage your property.

What Sources are Available for Education?

One constructive source for Property Managers is membership in a professional association. Many years ago, a group of property managers met and formed NARPM©, the National Association of Residential Property Managers, to give support to property managers who specialize in residential single-family property management. This association is now nationwide, growing, and an invaluable resource for Property Managers. One of the main benefits of membership in NARPM© is the many educational opportunities they provide.

Each year, in September, NARPM© holds a National Convention where property managers can attend a wealth of workshops and seminars to update their knowledge. Through these sessions and valuable networking venues, property managers can update themselves on housing issues and trends. NARPM© sponsors several regional conferences throughout the country and there are local chapters, which also provide additional educational and networking opportunities. 

In addition, NARPM© has an impressive monthly newsletter and website to keep Property Managers informed of national trends in residential housing. There is information on maintenance, handling tenant relations, technology, legislation, and more. A professional organization is a valuable resource to the management professional and NARPM© is only one example of several trade organizations available to our industry. 

How Does Our Education Benefit You? 

When we continue to update our knowledge in the property management industry, we continue to improve our services. This shows in many ways, such as continually improving documentation and tenant services, implementing new legislation, avoiding litigation whenever possible, adding new technology, introducing new marketing ideas, and providing this informative newsletter. Gaining more knowledge is a benefit that we pass on to you, whether directly or indirectly. 

So… if you hear we are attending a class or conference, you will know it is to make a difference in managing your property. Education is part of our business plan to provide Professional Property Management and one we will continue to pursue indefinitely. 

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