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New Year Resolutions for Residents

New Year Resolutions for Residents

The beginning of January is traditionally the time when people are planning their year and making their “New Year Resolutions.” While it is true that many people forget their resolutions as the year progresses, there are many who do not. You can benefit by sitting down and making a list of resolutions that would ensure the success of your tenancy and then work to keep them. Here is a list of good New Year resolutions for tenants.

Check Your Smoke Alarm

Each year, hundreds of people unnecessarily perish in fires in the United States because they did not check their smoke alarm/detector, removed the batteries when it started to “beep or even worse, completely removed the smoke alarm/detector. Don’t be one of the statistics! Test your smoke alarm/detector at least once a month. If the device is not working after replacing the batteries, put in a Service Request through your portal immediately and let us know. Protect yourself and your family.

Buy or Renew Renter’s Insurance

Put this next on your list! If you do have a fire, a burglary, flooding, or another problem, the property owner’s insurance cannot help you with replacement of your possessions. Renter’s insurance is the only solution. If you have a policy, review it now. If you do not have insurance, purchase it as soon as possible.

Take Down Holiday Lights and/or Decorations

We hope you had a very happy Holiday Season, but now that it is over, it is the time to take down your lights and decorations. Store them safely and discard any lights that are broken or not working properly. Clean up any debris from your holiday decorations. We thank you in advance, for your cooperation in holiday cleanup. 

Always Report Your Maintenance

It is important that you report any problems that you are experiencing. Avoiding small problems can lead to major ones and then you could be responsible for some or all the cost as well. We are here to help you - let us know if you need assistance.

Keep up Your Maintenance

There is still maintenance to do in winter months. Keep all debris picked up around your residence, keep sidewalks clear, and keep your garbage receptacle clean to avoid unwanted pests. Although winter is still here, spring is coming, and it is time to think of doing maintenance both inside and outside your residence. If you are responsible for outside irrigation, increase the watering as needed. Then schedule a “spring cleaning” inside and out of your residence. Clean windows, doors, door tracks, sidewalks, patios, etc. Change your heat and air filters. In addition, weed flowerbeds, mow lawns, prune bushes, and do a general outside cleanup.

Maintain Good Credit History 

The holidays have just passed, and we hope you have kept within your budget. However, if you have not, it is not too late to sit down and make a plan to take care of your increased expenditures. Just do not ignore them or your rental payment. It is far easier to work to maintain good credit than get rid of bad credit. If you have problems, contact us so we can assist you in working them out.

We hope you will make and keep these resolutions and we want to wish you a wonderful and successful New Year.

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