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What Are the Different Landlords Rental Property Inspections?

What Are the Different Landlords Rental Property Inspections?

What Are the Different Landlords Rental Property Inspections?

In Phoenix, landlords are required by law to create a habitable environment for tenants. Upholding this responsibility involves maintaining the property through regular rental property inspections.

There are different ways to inspect your property, but these four options will keep you compliant. Start taking care of your property the right way by learning about these inspections.

Move-in Inspection

A move-in or walk-through inspection is performed when a new tenant signs a lease.

The landlord and tenant will examine the property together to look for pre-existing damages. The damage is documented with a written checklist, photos, and videos.

After the inspection, both parties will sign the checklist before it's added to the lease.

The inspection ensures that the landlord knows if the tenant causes damages as they live in the unit. It helps tenants avoid getting blamed for pre-existing damages as well.

Move-Out Inspection

A move-out inspection occurs when a tenant leaves the property. A landlord inspects the unit to check for property damage and maintenance problems. Some landlords choose to perform this inspection with the tenant present.

Landlords can use the move-in checklist to determine if new damages have been made. If the property is damaged, a landlord can withhold some or all of the tenant's security deposit.

Properly documenting damage before and after the tenant lives in the property will help landlords meet Phoenix security deposit laws.

Quarterly Inspection

A quarterly inspection is a type of routine inspection that focuses on preventative maintenance. These inspections occur periodically throughout the year to check the property's condition.

Landlords should use a quarterly inspection checklist that includes:

  • Checking appliances
  • Inspecting the HVAC system
  • Checking smoke detectors
  • Ensuring there are no plumbing issues
  • Looking for pests

Additionally, landlords should use this time to check whether the tenant is following the terms and conditions of the lease. A landlord might look for pets, for example, if pets aren't allowed on the property.

To adhere to Phoenix's local regulations, the landlord must give proper notice before entering the tenant's unit.

Drive-by Inspection

Landlords don't have to provide notice for a drive-by inspection because they won't be entering any units. During a drive-by inspection, the landlord will mostly check exterior property details.

Landlords will be able to spot anything out of the ordinary on the exterior. Tenants won't have time to hide something on the exterior that they may not want the landlord to see.

It's important not to do drive-by inspections too often. Tenants have a right to privacy and quiet enjoyment.

Rental Property Inspections for Property Upkeep

To keep your property in good condition, it's necessary to perform rental property inspections regularly. Out-of-town investors or landlords who don't have any extra time might find it hard to complete inspections.

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Not only can we handle rental property inspections, but we also provide various property management services. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from working with us.

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