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Making a House Your Home

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Many rental properties have a bland or neutral look throughout. There are exceptions, but property owners try to avoid conflicts with residents’ furnishings. Most rental contracts contain clauses that tenants are not to alte... read more >>

When Is the Best Time to Start Tenant Screening?

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Tenant screening is one of the most important things to invest in as an owner, but what is it and when should you start?When investing in a rental property, you must immediately start thinking about your ideal tenant. Building a g... read more >>

3 Tips for Making Rent Collection Easier

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Imagine the possibilities that owning a rental property can bring. With a steady passive income stream, you'll have greater financial freedom and can even use the money to pay your mortgage. Issues can quickly arise, however, ... read more >>

Credit Reports are NOT Enough

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Many people think tenant-screening means only obtaining a current credit report. This information is important in today’s rental market and they contain more details than ever before. There are continual changes to the Fair ... read more >>

Effective Documentation

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Today, when you buy or rent a property, the amount of paperwork required is often staggering. Once upon a time, an agreement to purchase or rent a property was one page, but now the basic agreement is multiple pages often accompan... read more >>
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